Large Pad Site Development: Fort Worth, Texas

Three Pad Development to a Start to a New Relationship


Find a location for one retailer and find users for two other pads in near proximity to a gas well and heavily encumbered by easements in a dense part of Fort Worth.


A driven location for a site by Advance Auto, we were challenged on the seller’s unwillingness to sell just a portion of the property. We were forced to buy nearly 6 acres of land which was encumbered by several easements and a city distance ordinance from an existing gas well. Omni focused on finding a co-tenant that would work alongside Advance Auto and was able to relocate an existing Family Dollar store into a freestanding new store onsite. This established a new relationship with a new client. Lastly we were left with a prime corner pad for sale or built-to-suit.
Shifting the paradigm of commercial real estate in North Texas through entrepreneurial thinking and integrity-first relationships.

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